Feedback is defined as information about reactions to a product, person’s performance of a task, a service etc. which is used as a basis for improvement. In most situations, we think of this as input/comments from the other person about our actions or an activity. Constructive feedback is therefore at the heart of the definition and this could be of 4 kinds:

Negative feedback – corrective comments about past behavior. Focuses on behavior that wasn’t successful and shouldn’t be repeated.

Positive feedback – affirming comments about past behavior. Focuses on behavior that was successful and should be continued.

Negative feed-forward – corrective comments about future performance. Focuses on behavior that should be avoided in the future.

Positive feed-forward – affirming comments about future behavior. Focused on behavior that will improve performance in the future.

I like what Ken Blanchard said: “Feedback is the breakfast of champions.” As a leader you must seek and provide one of the four constructive feedback regularly as it is a sure way for continuous improvement in your relationship with anyone or a team. It is all about a growth mindset. As a leader, you are constantly evolving and grow and having an environment where everyone gives and receives feedback everyday promotes growth. Elon Musk and Doc Rivers couldn’t have said this any better:

“I think it’s very important to have a feedback loop, where you’re constantly thinking about what you’ve done and how you could be doing it better.” Elon Musk.

“Average players want to be left alone. Good players want to be coached. Great players want to be told the truth.” Doc Rivers.


How have you responded when provided feedback?

Do you seek feedback?

Do you provide feedback?

How can I start doing these everyday?