Leadership Pursuits

What is a Leader?

At Leadership Pursuits, we believe that you are being a leader whenever you are in a position or situation where one or more people follow or emulate you.

How many times are you in this position? How many times is everyone in this position? A lot of times, when you come to think about it. 

How do you conduct yourself in these situations? 

What are the qualities that you reflect? 

How much do you know about these qualities?

Now that we can say everyone in one way or another, at one time or another, in one place or circumstance or another is leading, imagine a world where everyone understands these qualities and seek to emulate them. Yes imagine how better the world will be. And this is what we at Leadership Pursuits believe…that everyone is a leader and that everyone should know what these qualities are and that everyone can learn these and use it to bring out and/or develop the leader in them.

Leadership Pursuits is your leadership journey. We seek to make you a better leader by educating you on leadership qualities and bringing leadership concepts and sharing leadership experiences so that through these, you continue to add layers of knowledge and maturity and elevation in your leadership pursuit journey.

The first journey is the 30Q-Journey where we discuss some essential qualities of a great leader. There are a lot but our research guided us to 30 qualities which are discussed here.

Then through our Bi-Weekly Newsletters, you will get regular articles demonstrating and teaching these qualities. These are designed to be short and very educating and motivating and inspiring.

Then through our podcasts you can follow the leadership journeys of ordinary people like yourself who are using the knowledge of these qualities to do great things for themselves, their community and the world at large.