About US​

Leadership Pursuits was founded by Dr. Bweh Esembeson, Ph.D., PMP who started off as a Leadership Enthusiasts with the belief that everyone is a Leader and in every situation or time in our lives, we are leading in one way or another.

How do you conduct yourself in these situations?

What are the qualities that you reflect?

How much do you know about these qualities?

Imagine a world where everyone understands these qualities and seeks to emulate them.

Yes, imagine how better the world will be. And this is why I created Leadership Pursuits…what drives our mission is this believe that everyone is a leader and that everyone should know what these qualities are and that everyone can learn these and use them to bring out and/or develop the leader in them. Adults, kids, and teenagers can learn these qualities.

We at Leadership Pursuits carry this message everywhere and share it with every opportunity we have, individuals, schools, groups, corporations, sports teams, NGOs, and cultural associations.

Leadership Pursuits is your leadership journey. We seek to make you a better leader by educating you on leadership qualities and bringing leadership concepts and sharing leadership experiences so that through these, you continue to add layers of knowledge and maturity and elevation in your leadership pursuit journey.

My professional LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bweh-esembeson-phd-pmp-06545a18/

My Personal Activities, Interests and daily living that can sometimes inspire you can be found here.

I am expanding the team to carry out this mission. Please Contact Us if you are interested in joining.